Guild Wars’ Druid Ranger Armor by Caverna Obscura

Druid Ranger is the second armor set from Guild Wars series by Caverna Obscura. Now Guild Wars fans can wear their fave outfits in SL, too! 🙂

Guild Wars' Druid Ranger Armor by Caverna Obscura

This is my attempt to recreate the look and feel of Druid Ranger Armor of Guild Wars game. Apart from that, it’s just the ultimate elven/druid outfit!! A must-have if you feel at home in the woods, if you’re an elven warrior, especially archer! 🙂

The prim parts of this set are made mostly of sculpted prims, with a few normal prims thrown in here and there. 🙂 All sculpties are exquisite and custom made by me (as usual!), individually textured with hand painted textures. For the record: this set has beaten all my uploading textures records – is consists of as much as 40 different textures, sculted and normal!! 😀

The original Druid Ranger armor from Guild Wars has a shirt with one long sleeve and one short sleeve. Because the texture for the body of SL avatar only has one sleeve which is being used for both arms, it’s impossible to create any non-symmetrical sleeves design. That’s why this outfit comes with both a sleeveless shirt and a longsleeved shirt. That way you can decide for yourself which way you want to wear your sleeves. 🙂 I have used my own textures (of course!) but i tried to keep it as close as possible to the original outfit.

This outfit includes:
Clothing layers: Longsleeved Undershirt, sleeveless Shirt, Underpants, Pants, Gloves, Shoe base, Corset on Jacket layer;
Prim parts (mostly sculpted): shoulder mantel, upper R arm plate made of sticks and leaves, upper L arm attachment with pouch, lower R arm straps with leaves, L arm bracer with sticks, belt with straps and pouches, boots.

It is recommended to try Demo first because of the sculpted prims it may be tricky or even impossible to fit some of the items. That’s why i’ve also included a modifyable shape to wear with the armor to be sure it fits. You can give it your own usual face and maybe even some other body parts! 😛 The DEMO prim parts are no mod but they are scripted to resize. So you can try to resize it and make it fit by just clicking a part and choosing the percentage you want it to be scaled with.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more details!

Disclaimer: I, Elvina Ewing, in no way take ownership over any part of Guild Wars. Guild Wars and all characters and media are copyright and owned by NCsoft Corporation unless stated otherwise.

~ by cavernaobscura on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.

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